Social Media Day Pittsburgh Conference in Bakery Square #SMDAYPGH

Pittsburgh is staking its claim as a social media hub by hosting the inaugural Social Media Day Pittsburgh 2017 in Bakery Square. You can follow all the action via #SMDAYPGH. Having presented and participated at social media conferences throughout the U.S. such as #ClickZNY, #SMMW, #CSMNY and #CMWorld I always wondered why my hometown didn't have its own conference that empowered the city's many thought leaders in AI, biotech, engineering, marketing, medicine, and sports to have a platform to showcase how they are leveraging social media for their enterprises. I am proud to we do! I am super excited and very proud to be a part of this inaugural conference and I look forward to hel

No 2 hour delays: 'We are Pittsburgh, we work hard and are used to being champions'

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto tweeted early Monday morning that there would be no delays for the city of Pittsburgh after celebrating the Stanley Cup Championship. He went on to add, teams and local leaders have given fans excused absences or delays in the past, but in Pittsburgh fans are used to being champions. As a native of the City of Champions I take the Mayor's words to heart. It's who we are, it's what we do. If you have not implemented a social media strategy for your organization, contact me today at and let's make sure your social media efforts make you feel likea champion! My BFF Social - Pittsburgh - Social Media - Advertising - Public Relations

Penguins Win! Ready Made Social

It was 11:05 p.m. on June 11 and the Pittsburgh Penguins had just won their 5th Stanley Cup Championship. I wanted to post something to my personal Facebook page so I looked up the Penguins and sure enough the following image was ready and waiting! I shared it immediately on my personal page. This is the type of real-time social media marketing that My BFF Social specializes in so that when your customer is searching for your product or service give them something instantly memoriable. Contact us today at 412-450-6046 and let us help you make more BFFs (Business Friends Forever) today!

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