My BFF Social Makes $500 Donation to Philanthropic Partner - 412 Food Rescue

PITTSBURGH (January 22, 2018) – My BFF Social, a social media marketing agency in the city of Pittsburgh, donated $500 to its philanthropic partner, 412 Food Rescue. “As the son of a steelworker, I remember lean times when my father was on strike growing up so I have very strong feelings about supporting the mission of 412 Food Rescue,” said Matt Gentile, Founder and Managing Director, My BFF Social. “Helping the hungry by supporting 412 Food Rescue is an honor.” 412 Food Rescue was founded as a direct response to the disconnect between food waste, hunger and environmental sustainability. In the two years since its launch, 412 Food Rescue has redirected more than 2.6 million pounds to food i

Motion Graphics: The Next Big Thing

Visual marketing continues to grow in importance as platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and SnapChat continue to grow in prominence; however, video as has been reported over the past five years will be the next big thing...again. Check out the recent article in Inc., "16 Facts About Content Marketing That Will Help You Succeed in the New Year" The most popular content in 2018 will be video With video, it's all about the simple economic theory of supply and demand. As demand for video increases, the supply of online videos like motion graphics must go up to meet the expectations of today's consumers. For marketers, it's important to understand just how strong that demand is so that they ca

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