What does social media marketing cost?

Every business has the opportunity to be their own media network. However, not every business person is qualified to manage a media network. Ask yourself, would you feel comfortable acting as the writer, editor, producer, director, on-air talent, technical team and spokesperson for ABC, CBS, or NBC? Every word you type, every photo or video that you post is a representation of you and your business. I know a lot of business owners who are exceptional in the fields of finance, engineering, law, restaurant management, real estate etc., but they are not all great writers and many of them should never be on social media as their true selves as their personal viewpoints would offend significant

Case Study: Social Media ROI for Mortgage Industry

Audience Growth Since our company was hired by the nation’s 7th largest mortgage company, their Facebook audience expanded from 5,000 to over 50,000, their Instagram following rose from under 100 to more than 1,200, and their LinkedIn audience grew from under 1,000 to over 21,000. Here is a graph highlighting our growth efforts on behalf of our client: In conjunction with this massive audience expansion, My BFF Social’s creative expertise and disciplined execution resulted in tremendous growth for consumer engagement. The mortgage industry standard is a 1% engagement rate for social media content, 2% is considered exceptional for any industry, our client experienced an average of 3.5% throug

Defining PR in 2020

PR and social have blended into one media strategy that has the potential to extend the lifespan of media coverage and increase its reach.

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