Hiring a Marketing Agency - Style vs Substance?

When hiring a marketing professional or agency, do you prefer loud, high-energy, bullhorn style leaders who drive action through the force of their personality and personal marketing - or quiet, calculating communications pros who execute strategy and drive credit for success back to those who hired them? They both serve a function. Agencies with a well-known, "influencer-style" CEO utilize their media profile to attract business via a constant drumbeat of media interviews and PR initiatives. The goal is to have their CEO in the spotlight 24/7; whereas, agencies with more traditional leadership have generally spent years in the marketing and advertising trenches. These agencies focus on t

Dontae Carroll: Leading the Way Forward at Keller Williams

On this episode of the My BFF Business Leaders podcast, it is our great pleasure to interview Dontae Carroll, long-time friend and COO of Keller Williams Capital Properties. He oversees the operations of eight offices and over 1,000 sales professionals throughout the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. Watch or listen to Dontae's interview where we talk about what makes Keller Williams special, how his career has evolved, how the "DMV" District-Maryland-Virginia real estate market is performing this summer; as well as, his view of George Floyd's death and the Black Lives Matter movement that it inspired. Dontae began his career with RE/MAX and prior to his current role with Keller Willia

How to Communicate in a Post Covid-19 World

Covid-19 has changed the way we communicate. From personal interactions to professional communications, the virus has cemented a trend toward online communication that was already on the rise. How many of you now exchange text messages via LinkedIn, Facebook or Slack with your clients, prospects and employees on a regular basis? What has evolved in modern business communications is a growing expectation of immediate response. What may have been an acceptable response time of 24-hours or 12-hours or 1-hour has now rapidly advanced to less than 15-minutes depending on the nature of the conversation and the relationship. Email is still regarded as the gold standard for business communication

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