Updated: Oct 9, 2020

My BFF Social Media is located just five miles east of Point Park University and is one of the fastest growing marketing agencies in the city of Pittsburgh. Its recent brand campaign was directed and produced by Kelly Tran, a graduate of the university's film program. See what she had to say about the experience and how Point Park prepared her to take on the project below.

"Point Park really prepared me to be a leader. The program gave me the confidence to lead a team and make them feel secure with regard to where the project is going."

"Point Park University is an incredible asset for creative agencies here in the city. Having a pipeline of talented creatives that are prepared, not only to participate in servicing clients in the advertising, social media and marketing space, but to elevate the My BFF Social brand through their contribution is incredibly powerful," said Matt Gentile, Managing Director, My BFF Social. "I understand that recent graduates who want to create for a living are unique individuals. My goal at My BFF Social is to provide them with the freedom to create and build out their portfolio utilizing all of the mobile and social media channels now available that exceeds our clients' business objectives and meets their budget demands," added Gentile.

Preview the entire My BFF Social Media brand marketing campaign below.

Contact My BFF Social today and let's develop a social media, marketing and advertising strategy for your business.

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

On this episode of the My BFF Business Leaders podcast, we are ecstatic to have the opportunity to interview one of Yahoo's Top 12 Entrepreneurs to Watch; the CEO of Luxe Brand and BizBuzz, Ryan Mason.

As the acting CEO of two very successful companies, Ryan's days are filled with projects, meetings, and other business activities where he must continuously prioritize efficiency and effectiveness. His work has been featured on Good Morning America, the NFL Network, Yahoo Finance and other major media platforms. Watch the video of our recent podcast to learn some value life lessons from one of today's business superstars!

Ryan believes that people, process, and platform are the key elements to building a powerful business. This approach has obviously led him to great success expanding Luxe and BizBuzz, but he also applies these focal points first-hand to the multitude of small businesses he works with. Ryan's main goal with BizBuzz is to optimize the digital marketing efforts for as many small businesses as he possibly can. Based out of Atlanta, GA where he has local roots and community ties, Ryan is fully determined to leave a long lasting impact on as many companies as he can.

Ryan is also an aspiring author and will be publishing his first book in the coming weeks which you can preorder, right here: https://ryandmason.com/.

His book will highlight his personal journey, delve deeper into "the 3 P's," how they should be properly applied, and discuss other best business practices that Ryan has experienced first-hand throughout his career.

Listen to the insights and secrets Ryan provided in the most recent episode of the My BFF Business Leaders Podcast, and get ready to go out and make a new Business Friend Forever, today!

According to LinkedIn, Scribd will take over operations of SlideShare on September 24. Scribd CEO, Trip Adler, stated that SlideShare will continue to operate as a standalone service, separate from Scribd, and that he’s hopeful it will continue to be well-integrated with LinkedIn.

“Nothing will change in the initial months,” Adler said. “We have a lot of experience with a product like this...We’re in a good position make SlideShare successful.”

We have all experienced the pain of a platform change, think Google+ or Microsoft 2016, so time will tell whether or not Mr. Adler is able to keep his word; although, his quote, "...in the initial months" is cause for concern.

I have used slideshare for a long time and have saved multiple presentations and documents over the years. It is a great platform for archiving professional work content and I have used it to link back to .pdfs quite a bit over the years. It has always been a free tool and I have recommended it to my clients and peers. Having a free platform in the cloud that hosts all of my presentations and PR examples has been great. I hope it doesn't become a pay to play platform, but if it does, I'm sure I can host my documents on Google Drive or Apple.

Scribd is something different and plans to be world's largest digital library. Having access to others presentations has also been very helpful over the years so I hope it continues!

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