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How to Scale for Growth in a Slowing Economy?

MyBFF Social Media Marketing and Advertising Services

Where is the economy heading? How should I plan my marketing budget? Every business owner and CEO I speak with is asking these same questions. Some are excited about the prospects for growth in the year ahead, others are pulling in their horns and battening down the hatches for fear of a recession. My advice is always the same and it follows the sage advice given by The Oracle of Omaha, “Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.” Now is the time to prepare for growth through smart social media, marketing and advertising that drives business growth. Owning and operating a business is a constant struggle to find the right balance between business generation, service and staff. MyBFF Social is in business to help our clients scale their businesses by enabling a smart social media, marketing and advertising strategy at the cost of one in-house social media specialist. Expand your marketing, cut your costs and grow your business in 2023!

Reduce overhead – cut marketing staff and any other costs that do not contribute to the bottom line. MyBFF Social’s business model is designed to help you do more with less staff. Our full service marketing offering enables our clients to maintain a high-level of creative, brand awareness, preference and lead generation campaigns designed to drive business results. Outsourcing this important business function will save your business a great deal of money and you will receive the benefits of having expertise across multiple areas of marketing including; copywriting, creative, digital marketing and advertising, email marketing, public relations, social media management, video production, website design and development just to name a few.

Consistent creative – implement the digital drumbeat approach to marketing your business. Yes, it is true that that big social media networks have reduced the amount of free flowing organic reach to just 5% in the case of Facebook. This doesn’t mean that you should give up on a consistent approach to community building and that there is limited value in having high-quality creative published to your socials on a weekly basis. We recommend at lease three posts per week on the socials where you market your products and services.

Customer interaction – consumers demand response and the more immediate the better. Having an engaged team interacting on your behalf in real time is a game changer for some businesses. Understanding the value of reputation management is increasingly important as the value of each customer grows in a tightening economy. MyBFF Social has a program designed to ensure every customer receives a response to their business inquiry, complaint and/or request. We work collaboratively with your servicing team to ensure the customer is always #1 on the priority list.

Customer Relationship Management – MyBFF Social has developed our own CRM that we employ for our customers who want to not only market to their customers via social media marketing and advertising, but who have a long-term view of the customer relationship. MyBFF LeadProTM is a full lifecycle customer relationship management tool that empowers clients to drive and capture leads via our digital advertising system, drive those leads further down the funnel via email and text-based marketing campaigns while establishing automation triggers and a pipeline that enables insights into business growth projections based on lead progression and performance data.

Capture and market to your customers with MyBFF LeadPro!

MyBFF Social is a Pittsburgh-based full service marketing agency with a focus on social media, marketing and advertising. We specialize in helping clients who market and sell products and services focused on the home, health and lifestyle. Our target customer has net revenues of $2M and up and a dedicated marketing and advertising budget of .02%. We are a “Big City” agency with a Pittsburgh-based fee structure so our clients come to us from all over the world to take advantage of our unique value proposition.

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