Social Media Audit
Pricing: Based on Project Scope

In order to gain clarity on the existing social media effort, My BFF Social recommends an in-person meeting and/or conference call between CLIENT marketing team and My BFF Social team. This session will enable both sides with an opportunity to get to know each other as well as discuss the project.

My BFF Social will conduct a comprehensive social media audit that will closely examine all social media networks that represent CLIENT’S brand(s) including both business-owned profiles and imposter accounts.

The purpose is to ensure that all CLIENT profiles are on brand and functioning correctly, identify and shut down any rogue or abandoned accounts, and ensure that you are using the channels that make the most sense for your brand.

Step 1: Create a social media audit spreadsheet

CLIENT social media audit needs a home, which is why VENDOR will create a master spreadsheet. As you go through these six steps, you’ll see that the spreadsheet will act as host to key elements of the audit.

Step 2: Conduct comprehensive search for your social presence online

Search CLIENT company name to see which social media profiles show up. This will allow you to see if there are any rogue accounts or imposters using your company name.


Step 3: Evaluate your social media profiles

This is a core activity of your social media audit. As with your social media marketing plan, you need to constantly be evaluating your social media profiles. During the evaluation process, My BFF Social will create a mission statement for each CLIENT profile. Make sure each profile aligns with CLIENT’s business goals and objectives.

As a function of the Social Media Audit, VENDOR will also conduct a content gap analysis. The gap analysis will review and then identify the content that is needed to fill the “gap” between current state and future state. Based on this analysis My BFF Social will provide recommendations for a road map designed to deliver an effective content strategy. Specific deliverables of the program include:


  • Identify / establish personas;

  • Review of existing content against list of questions;

  • Review of existing communication vehicles (e.g., email, newsletters, social);

  • Gain clarity of existing performance benchmarks;

  • Develop a comprehensive gap analysis based on the results;

  • Provide recommendations on execution of a content strategy designed to meet client’s business and marketing objectives.

Step 4: Make sure your social media profiles are on brand

It is very important that your social media profiles match your brand identify standards and mission. It may be very confusing for a consumer if social media profiles are not in line with the perception you want to create for CLIENT brand(s).

Step 5: Centralize the ownership of CLIENT’S social media networks

The process of doing a social media audit can help you make sure that all your social media profiles are secure. One way to test this is by centralizing the ownership of the passwords for each profile.

Step 6: Create internal processes

Upon completion of the social media audit, My BFF Social will provide CLIENT with a detailed analysis of your existing social media effort backed up by all available data and provide recommendations moving forward to optimize your marketing spend and efficiency in this important media space.