On this episode of the My BFF Business Leaders Podcast, we are joined by Amy Moreland, the founder of Pittsburgh-based fitness brand, AMPD Strong.

Amy and her husband Tadd started their careers in the fitness industry when they opened up their own studio on the outskirts of Pittsburgh after working their daily 9-5 jobs. Their passion for health and wellness grew rapidly alongside the number of people that were attending their classes so they decided to establish a brand that would one day launch them into the increasingly popular world of fitness training and online class instruction. Thus, AMPD Strong was born.

Luckily for us, Amy was more than willing to provide a full behind-the-scenes look into AMPD's rise to becoming a major player in the fitness space. Let's take a listen to her insights!

The great thing about AMPD Strong is that we have a wide range of offerings that are appropriate for any age or fitness level. We have instructors who are teaching fitness at an army base to stay-at-home Moms to active, older adults.

Today, operations have expanded coast-to-coast across the United States and globally with courses being taught in Australia and Canada. Their immediate success and continued momentum are in large part due to the flexibility and versatility that the various AMPD courses have to offer. Amy and Tadd have done an incredible job developing a growing network of trainers that offer a wide range of classes that participants of all fitness levels may enjoy.

The AMPD family continues to expand each and every day. If you are looking to become an AMPD certified trainer or simply would like to learn more about how you can join in on the AMPD Strong movement, visit their website at https://ampdstrong.com/!

Instagram experienced significant growth in 2020. These Instagram statistics prove just how valuable the network is to your business. As you plan your Instagram marketing strategy for 2021, it’s important to understand how to measure success. To make sure you know where to go on your mobile app to review the data that is immediately available, watch the video below.

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Updated: Jan 5

Ryan Weyandt, CEO of LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance, is leading the organization's mission of creating a world free of housing discrimination.​ Launched in June 2020 by real estate industry veterans and allies of the LGBTQ+ community, this dynamic new group represents a new voice in the industry.

Watch Ryan on the My BFF Social Business Leaders Podcast below as he discusses the benefits and opportunities of membership with the Alliance or listen in on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

"The LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance provides a safe space for folks to interact with professionals in a multitude of professions and seek service in a judgment free environment."

The Alliance began accepting members in October 2020 and today the organization boasts more than 1,400 active members on the organization’s Facebook group.

Founded as a non-profit corporation, the Alliance is dedicated to enhancing the professional lives of our members while providing consumers with the proper resources to assist in buying, selling and enjoying their home.

Learn more about the LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance today!

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